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Home/Small Office Wireless Reach Upgrades

Most homes have a different layout, most homes are built using different materials and unfortunately these factors can affect the performance of Wireless Routers provided by an ISP - BT HUB3 , Talk Talk , SKY & Virgin all deliver good quality routers but there is no way of telling in advance if you will have a good wireless signal throughout the house/building

Fortunately Black Bee IT can offer a solution that once installed will have you accessing the network or Internet from anywhere in your home or office - No more signal blackspots , no more slow internet browsing . Contact us to arrange an appointment

"A quick visit to our home and a solution was agreed , before long we had new equipment installed  . The results were excellent - We now have a strong wireless signal throughout the house , garden & garage !  Guest wireless access was an additional bonus also ! " Paul - Swanpool

"Huge difference with the new Cisco Router & Repeater Setup - Wireless signal is strong in all rooms & Cornish Granite is no longer a problem in our house"  Mouse - Lanner 

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